Advice For Drafting An Extraordinary Cover Letter

You can find a pile of advice via mass media on how you can get your dream job, from how to write a CV to how to perform well in the interview, but keep in mind that the very first step to reach that vacant is to make a successful cover letter. Unluckily, this task is often underestimated and accomplished in a hurry by candidates. The fact is that your recruiter is not likely to look at your CV unless you have an outstanding cover letter. Obviously, it’s worth your time and effort to compose an extraordinary cover letter. These are some remarks that you should take into consideration while crafting your cover letter for your 100k job search.


You may have already heard this repeated again and again while looking at job career advice, but it is absolutely essential. What happens if you get through to an interview for a six figure job and are asked to do a presentation on the spot for one of the company’s products or services? Researching now shows an employer you took the time to look them up and want to work for this company and are not just desperate to work for anyone. It also tells a potential hiring manager that you are familiar with their business and are confident you will fit in. Before drafting your cover letter make sure you have done your research on the company and it’s executives and demonstrate this throughout out your cover letter for your next 100k job.


Targeted & Original

No matter how good you are, if you haven’t taken the time to draft a targeted and original letter for your 100k job search your resume will probably just land in the trash. If you are applying for any executive jobs or 100k jobs you should be an expert. If you are too lazy to write a targeted cover letter how can you expect an employer to believe you are going to work hard on the job? Forget all the cover letter templates out there, there are so many job seekers for 100k jobs that they have probably seen the same outline again and again. Show an employer that you have read their job posting thoroughly and that this is the job you want and that you are qualified for it.


Words That Sell

Regardless of whether this cover letter is for finance jobs or a sales executive job the cover letter for this 6 figure job is a sales piece. It must spike interest and demand that the recruiter or hiring manager take the time to review your resume or call you for an interview. Consider stating your number of years in the industry but not your previous employer information so they must turn to your resume. Use words and techniques that sell without being cliche. One sales technique to use throughout your 100k job search is ‘mirroring’. This can be done using the exact same words and terms they use in the 100k job posting. Repeat phrases or include technical terms that the employer used make them feel you are an instant match.


Include a few bullets of what you have achieved in your previous 100k jobs. How many years experience do you have, have you successfully completed projects for their competitors who they envy, have you saved a company $ 100k, have you received any awards?


Hiring A Pro

If you really feel that you do not have the writing skills to make your cover letter shine for your 100k job search then consider hiring someone else to do it for you. How much is this new 100k job worth? Certainly a few dollars invested to ensure you get the job will return an incredible yield.


Tim Houghten has been a business owner, HR specialist and executive recruiter for over ten years and now as a consultant and freelancer writer he writes for The Career Advice Column where executives come for job search advice and to find the best sources for 0k plus jobs.

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Choosing the Right Counter Stools For Your Kitchen

Are you looking for a way to add extra seating in your kitchen or dining area without taking away from the overall look of the room? Why not try adding counter stools to your kitchen? Counter height stools are a wonderful addition to any kitchen. They create extra seating while making it fun and easy to gather in the kitchen at mealtimes.

Counter height stools differ from bar stools in that they are shorter; however, they do offer the same style options and there are just as many varieties to choose from. Because there are so many different stools to choose from, making the right choice can seem a bit daunting and confusing. Don’t worry with the right game plan you will be able to choose stools that you love at an affordable price. Here are some key decisions to make when choosing kitchen stools for your home.

The first thing you need to decide when choosing kitchen stools is which style and design will be perfect for your kitchen. These stools come in a variety of shapes, materials, designs, and colors. There are lots of decisions to be made when choosing the style of your stools. Do you want swivels stools or not? Would you prefer backless stools or stools with backs? When deciding on the right style and design for your stool the first thing you need to do is take a survey of the kitchen area.

Take note of the current overall look of your kitchen and choose kitchen stools that will blend in with that look. If you’re kitchen is filled with classic and comfortable elements you may want to choose wooden kitchen stools. If you have more of a modern, contemporary feel you could choose wrought iron stools. Your new seating should add to the beauty and décor of the room without being distracting.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect style counter seat, now it’s time to choose just the right color. The choosing the right color of your counter height stool is important because you don’t want a color that’s too bold and distracting. If you’re not totally sure about the perfect color to choose try something that’s in a darker hue with a neutral fabric as most neutral colors will blend in with just any room’s décor. Try a color like beige or cream. If you want counter stools that make more of a statement, you could go with a bolder color like blue, red, or black. You may even decide to with a print.

Always check your counter stools to be sure that they’re made of high quality material and they’re very durable. You want to purchase counter stools at an affordable price that will last for a long time so do your research.

The author is an an interior designer working in the Atlanta, GA area. She loves all things interior design and including shopping for counter height stools. She has her own interior design blog, and writes for online furniture stores and places to buy kitchen furniture online.

Patent Application Drafting is an Art

In general, Patent applications are drafted with the help of patent attorney or patent agent who has the technical background as well as legal background or patent law expertise. In order to obtain a patent for an invention, the invention must have the patentability criteria such as novelty, inventive step, industrial application and also disclosure of technical information to satisfy to practice the invention by a person skilled in the art. The patent applications are drafted and submitted to the patent office, mainly to disclose the technical information to the public and, to get the exclusive right for a defined period which is being claimed by the patentee in the application.

A patent application has the following major parts such as Title, Background, Technical disclosure, Abstract and Claim. The person who writes patent application must have the capability of understanding the area of invention, so that he would be able to draft the application to meet the patent application requirement. To understand the area/strength of the invention, the technical person can only able to differentiate with existing technology, and can able to bring the novel feature and inventive step of the invention in the technical disclosure and background of the invention.

The main part of the patent application is Claim, which defines the scope of the protection of invention and prohibits others from making, using, selling or offering for sale the subject matter defined by the claims, without the permission from the patentee. Hence, the claim construction is considered to be the heart of the patent, and it is imperative to protect the invention as well as enforcing the patent. The word in the claim has to be written very clear and succinct. The meaning and interpretation of each claim is referred with the technical disclosure in the application. While drafting the claim, the patentee needs to be very careful for selecting the words in the claim to avoid any ambiguity.

In order to construct the claims, the person needs to now the law in the jurisdiction, so that he would be able to craft the claims to meet the patent law of the jurisdiction. Therefore, it is essential to have legal expertise for crafting the claims. For example, two part claim is essential in European Patent Office to differentiate the novel feature, where as is US, it is taken as known in the art before the separation phrase in the two part claim. Another example, Omnibus claim is allowed in India; however it is not allowed in US. Without the knowing the patent law in the jurisdiction, it would not be possible to draft the claims properly.

In a patent application, it is essential to have to comprehensive technical disclosure before filing the patent application as the new matter can not be added after filing the patent application, but at the same time, claims can be amended during the prosecution of application. The patent is granted based on the technical disclosure and patentability of inventions and, the claim is sought to protect the invention. Therefore, drafting of patent application is an art and it requires both technical and legal expertise to obtain a patent.

Patent applications are filed to protect the invention and to obtain the patent, and also to enforce the patent. The future enforcement of any patent application is mainly depends upon the scope of the protection of invention, particularly the scope of the protection is determined by the claim crafting. Hence clearly drafted patent application with proper claim will help the patentee to find the potential infringer. While drafting the patent application, the subject matter has to be distinguished from the prior art to avoid from the litigation, and also the claim has to be written with well support of technical disclosure to avoid the invalidation of patent. Therefore, enforcement of patent is determined by the quality of patent application drafting.

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An Overview of the Structural Drafting Services

Structural drafting is an inevitable part of any minor or major structural engineering project. A physical structure cannot be built right away. The design needs to be drafted on paper. A lot of hit and trial design criteria’s are applied to the draft. Digital drafts are produced and analyzed, and then finally, a workable structural design emerges out to be used as a reference for the practical construction project. But, this is not the end.

In the midst of the physical structural development process, many unseen nonconformities may arise, which may require the drafters and designers to change a portion of the design. Thanks to the advanced computer aided design tools and the building information modeling tools that are emerging now days. These tools are proved to be very helpful in developing highly accurate drawings involving a minimum amount of modifications afterwards.

The structural drafting servicers are being implemented in a wide range of projects such as the residential and commercial buildings, flyovers, stadiums, parking spaces, malls, multiplexes, tunnels, industrial buildings and offshore structures such as the oil and gas refineries. The designs are not only a source of reference for the engineers, but also they are very helpful in maintaining a proper coordination between the different levels of professionals such as the architects, contractors and the sub-contractors.

The different structural drafting services offered by the engineering agencies include:

Conversion of paper drawings to CAD formats
2D framing plans
Roof truss details
Beam and column designs
Designs of the retaining walls
Bar bending schedules
Elevations and sectional layouts
Foundation plans
Floor plans
Shop drawings
Fabrication drawings
Rebar detailing

The CAD software tools that are being used in providing the structural drafting services include AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, StruCAD, Tekla Structures, StaddPro and Autodesk Revit etc.

The highly efficient functionalities of the software offer the following benefits:

Ensures a better coordination between the associated designs.
Helps in identifying any design errors early in the design stages.
Helps in the development of accurate construction documentation pertaining to the particular project.
Offers a better visualization of the structural project through the three dimensional views.

We have many years experienced persons with extensive experience of Structural Drafting in a wide range of structural steel projects. We can bridge with Consulting Engineers, Architects and other trades to ensure that project program can be generate.

Structural drafting services is only a source of reference for the engineers, but also they are very benificial in architecture field.

Exciting Styles of Kitchen Bar Stools

During the last few years, there have been phenomenal changes in kitchen design and kitchen furniture range. As a result, the new class of kitchen decorations and furniture are exceptionally pleasing. For instance, there is a growing trend of including a home bar to an existing kitchen or near it complete with bar stools. This kind of arrangement can create an incredible mood for your kitchen that is both classy and elegant.

Kitchen chairs are incredibly versatile pieces of furniture that are perfect for both standing and sitting positions. They make maximum use of space and can be amazingly comfortable if chosen with care. Traditionally, bar stools were used to accommodate a large number of people in limited spaces. However, today kitchen chairs are favourite items of home furniture that continue to spice up the appeal of kitchens across the world.

Styles Of Bar Stools Available

If you are looking out for some stools for your kitchen, here are some styles to choose from:

If your kitchen features a traditional décor, heavy stools will look great. Go in for solid cherry or oak stools with arms. You may also choose wood and leather stools to add a dash of elegance and class to your kitchen.

For kitchens with contemporary décor, it is best to choose sleek, modern stools. Then there are interesting bar stools in steel or chrome. Chair with funky designs are good choices to add some zeal to an ordinary-looking kitchen. For kitchens with a dark and mysterious look, bar stools with black finish will be a welcome addition. For the less adventurous, there are half-back stools or stools with V-shaped legs.

For themed, ethnic kitchens like a Mexican or Tuscan style, it would be good to choose stools of wrought iron. These stools come with light or elaborate designs on the legs, arms and backs. The upholstered seats of these stools can be customized to suit the overall colour scheme of your kitchen.

Kitchens designed along informal, tropical themes will look highly attractive if they include kitchen stools made of rattan or bamboo. For a more fun look, there are plenty of metal stools to choose from – especially ones with tropical-themed cutouts at the backs. You get to pick stool designs ranging from palm trees and flowers to animals and seashells.

Even if your kitchen décor does not belong to any of the above categories or if your kitchen has not been designed on any particular theme, you still have exciting models of stools to choose from. Let your creativity bloom with hand-painted bar stools that feature fruits or ocean scenes.

Kitchen bar stools has become an important part of the kitchen accessories. With the availability of wide range of designs, colors and styles, bar stools is making its place in every kitchen. Visit for more information.

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Picking the Proper Bar Stools For Your Home

If you’re desiring to add a touch of sensibility or yearning to make your home more decorated, then condiser setting up a home bar in a small section of the dining room.  A home bar undoubtedly requires bar stools.  Bar stools are one of the most perfect home funiture you can add to enhance the beauty and elegance of your home.  There are many different kinds and types of bar stools available to buy.  They include the much cheaper wooden stools, metal stools, padded models, backed stools, backless stools, and swivel model bar stools.  There are even combinations of any of all of the mentioned bar stools.  You will need the proper bar stools information if you want to get the best deals.  This is especially true if you don’t have much to spend or have a limited budget.

First, decide on what type of bar stools you would prefer.  Go to the local furniture shop or stool dealer and retailer and test out the many different models. See which ones you like and which types you prefer.  Look at the ones that are most suitable to your home design and style.  After all, you want something that fits well and matches to the overall design of your house’s interior.  Also, check out some online dealers.  Individual people often sell their furniture online at Craigslist and eBay.  You’ll likely have to pick it up yourself to save on shipping and handling costs.  Have the salesman introduce you to the wide variety and test each one out by sitting and swinging around.  Move around with the stool if it is allowed.  Lean back and experience the seating.  Once you’ve selected which type you prefer, check out a couple of more stores and shops for the best prices available on the marketplace.  Compare the prices and look for any financing or credit options.  Look at the shipping, warranty, and return policies.  

You also want to select the type of stool that best represents your tastes or ones that best matches the overall theme of your home or home bar.  Pick something that matches.  If your home is decorated with western styles, ask the salesman for recommendations on stools that have a western flair or design to them.  If it’s more Asian or eastern, pick something that’s more light and simple.  There are no perfect choices.  In the end, you have to go and pick something you like.  It’s your final decision.

For more information bar stools check out our bar stools information guide

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Benefits of hiring Drafting Firms

With computers, CAD and internet always at hand, there is a clear overlap between what an Architect, Engineer or Drafter creates on the computer. We think directly on the computer. Then what are the benefits of hiring Drafting Firms?

1. Perfection: A designer or engineer, bothered with the larger picture, will not spend time correcting or perfecting various details of the drawing. Any error in the drawing, causing wrong construction can mean a huge liability. Drafting Firms, focused on the drawing as their output, will ensure perfection, as a principal part of their job.

2. Scale: Not every size of a project can be done by the Architect or Engineer drafting while creating the concept on CAD. Larger projects need more people on the drawings, something which Drafting Firms can supply and manage best.

3. Resourcing: Each project comes with a need for manpower, and also with a shelf life. Rather than go through the tribulations of ‘Hire and Fire’ for each project, Drafting Firms are safe, reliable way of staffing the project.

How do I source Drafting Firms?

Apart from the regular methods to hire a service (directory, internet, advertisement), the most popular method in the AEC industry is referral. A few pointers while assessing Drafting Firms:

1. Specialization: Stating the obvious, but it is important to see if the firm’s competency is your line of work.

2. Availability: Drafting Firms earn profit by keeping the drafters busy in billable work.  Hence it is important to ensure that the requisite resources will be available when needed.

3. Process: It is important to check the firm’s process for (a) Quality and (b) Compatibility.

4. Past performance: Output of previous jobs must be assessed over different project parameters.


How does one work with Drafting Firms?

Hiring the best Drafting Firm isn’t enough. The output of a Drafting Firm will be a function of what is fed to them. To work best, one must freeze the following with the Drafting Firm:

1. Expectations

2. Delivery milestones

3. Work process

4. Teams

5. Communication methodology

6. Responsibilities

How do Drafting Firms bill the Employer?

While Drafting Firms calculate their costs in man-hours, there are 3 popular commercial models of hiring Drafting Firms:

1. Dedicated Team: A mutually agreed team is dedicated to the Employer for a committed period of time. The billing normally happens in man-months.

2. Project Cost: Drafting Firms charge a fixed fee for a specific project.

3. Time and material: A lesser used model, Drafting Firms charge the Employer for actual man-hours and material (printing, stationery etc.) used for the job.

The AEC Associates are, as the name suggests, your artners in the ever dynamic and invigorating AEC domain; your service providers for all disciplines of the architecture, engineering and construction industry. We will assist you in all your drawing, drafting, documentation, CAD/BIM and value added services. A well-knit consortium of professionals, our combined experiences spans across continents, millions of square feet in construction spread through a wide gamut of executed projects.

Leather Bar Stools Are a Smart Choice

Historically leather chairs and in particular leather bar stools were in the sole purview of the rich and famous or perhaps hidden away in exclusive private men’s clubs.  The types of clubs frequented solely by politicians, doctors, powerful business men and other power brokers. Thankfully those days are gone. Nothing quite adds a splash of class quite like leather furniture and now these stools are affordable to more and more families and businesses.

Today leather stools are becoming more and more common. They can be found in very average commercial ventures and middle class homes. In many ways leather furniture makes a lot of sense. Not only are these bar stools comfortable but accidental spills can very often be taken care of with a damp cloth. Leather is also very durable which adds years to the lifespan of your bar stool. There are definitely more inexpensive leather bar stool made with  inferior  or B grade leather but bar stools made with Grade A or first quality leather can look good for years.

On today’s market the stools are available in either the standard 30 ” or the shorter and slightly less common 24″ styles. It goes without saying that the height of the stool must match the height of the bar or perhaps table that is to be serviced by the stools.  The smaller 24″ stools are often the best choice if they are to be used by children however, the height will depend entirely on the height of the table of bar.  

Leather bar stools are available in a vast assortment of colors. I have personally these stools in many different colors. Custom made stools can be manufactured in any color you might desire. The legs of the bar stool can also be covered in leather but that thin leather tends not to be very durable and it is prone to tears from the heels of shoes.  It is recommended that you choose a natural wood stain for the legs of the stools.  The second best choice is a heavy duty paint but be prepared to touch up the chips in the legs every six months.

Cushioned stools are definitely more comfortable but you might find that they don’t wear as well. These stools also come in leather sling version. You can find stools with backs, stools with backs and arms and barstools without backs. There is no right or better variety and it is all a matter of personal choice.

Leather stools are easy to clean and, with a little care, can last for decades. To protect your leather furniture you can spray a leather protector once per year. If you see some wear on the arms you might want to rub some protective oil on to the arms. Just make sure you wipe off any excess oil. You may have noticed that leather furniture of all types, including stools seem to look better as they age.  Whether they be for residential or commercial purposes good quality leather bar stools are never a bad choice.

For more information on leather bar stools please visit us.

J. Moore has 10 years experience in remodeling homes and building outdoor patios. You can read more at http://bar–

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The Future of Drafting on the Web

Design work and drafting have changed tremendously in the last 10 years. Software available allows work to be done more precise and accurate within a shorter period of time without having to erase every time a mistake is made. Web sites have opened plenty online drafting firms, but not all of them are alike. There are sites on the web that allow drafting to be done entirely on the web. These designs are great for people whether their inventors or want to remodel their house. These companies specialize in 2d to 3d drafting with the assistance of CADD (Computer Animated Drafting And Design)


Now a days pencil, paper, ruler, and the protractor have been traded in for hard drives, keyboards, monitors, and the mouse. The technology increases daily throughout the world, and one of the benefits is computerized drafting. There are so many programs for civil design, architecture, engineering, and more. It really is amazing how CAD software has improved over the last few years. The software packages are flexible to include metric and standard templates. These new programs can apply different materials, and lighting to make renderings look absolutely real.


There are plenty of sites out there dedicated to drafting, but hardly any offer free 3D designs. There are a few but they are hard to find. Since CADD the price to produce drawings has dramatically decreased. There are some sites that go above and beyond the norm in a world where everybody is trying to make a buck. I know if you try these sites out you will fall in love and before you know it you’ll be telling all your friends, co workers, and family how fun it really is. Everyone from first grader’s working on science projects to a house wife who just came up with an idea for an invention will great use from these sites.


Once a design has taken form of a sketch or blueprint it must then be transformed into a working 3D model. This model helps architects, and engineers see areas which would be hidden normally before the software has done its job. It also lets customers visualize the finished project whether it be a new home, or a turbo fan blade. These new sites I have mentioned work on any kind of 2D or 3D model no matter how big, or how small. It will not belong before drafting companies like these take over due to their affordable prices, and great customer support. Whenever a problem arises the experts at these companies can solve them, or come up with some kind of solution in most cases.


The future of drafting has changed forever, and business will never be the same. Online companies are reducing the cost and actually providing free 3d modeling to their visitors. In this new age where everything is done via the web all transactions will have to be reformatted and thought over to include the presence of the internet. Drafting sure has made advancements in the last ten years, and companies like this will surely benefit from it.


Clay Bowling-Owner of eLine Design LLC an Online Invention & Prototype Design Company-If You would like to learn more about the Invention & Prototype Design Process Click Here-CAD Designers & 3D Modeling Company

Modern Chair Review and Placement Guide

The lines of most modern chair model chairs are sleek, and the colours are bright and airy. Furthermore, although some represent more traditional shapes and styles, some are more irregular looking.

With all the variations of this piece of furniture today, there is no limitation on the numbers of room displays you can create. All it takes is applying elementary mix and match techniques as well as knowing what modern chair models are available:

The Mies Van Der Rhoe Barcelona Set This item is often placed in a living room or family room. It may be appropriate even for some office settings, or even waiting rooms.
Verner Panton Heart Cone Model This one would be placed in a modern living room or bedroom setting. It has a futuristic romantic feel to it, perhaps like what would be presented in some honeymoon hotels.
Poul Volther Swivel Set The placement of this is very versatile. It probably would be best suited for a living room or home office. Maybe it could be placed in large public waiting rooms.
Poul Kjaerholm Rocking Chair This is a very interesting item that rocks back and forth. It is slightly comfortable though it is made of a steel material. It would fit well in just about any home or public space.
Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen This fun shaped chair would be great in some contemporary living room setting. It may also be appropriate in some resort lobbies, public cafés or night clubs.

To further assist you, revealed below are some of the most important decoration tips:

Before you shop, calculate the important measurements and devise a checklist of all needed items. This will guarantee you do not order or purchase items that are too large or too small. It will also reduce the chance that the piece you choose would not sit right in a given space.

You can be a bit bold as you use your creative power. Nevertheless, keep in mind that setting too many accessories or collectibles in a room, can clutter up the usable living space. You may desire for the room to be as beautiful as possible, but remember your home is not a museum!

If you want to accessorize, modern abstract paintings composed of colors that coordinate with the overall decor scheme of a room are a preferred choice. To create an extra impact, think about using more artistic lighting sources. In many households, people prefer to place a sculpted chandelier, contemporary lamp, or colored lights in a room.

Decorating with a modern chair can be exciting. Take advantage of this opportunity as soon as you can.

Modern Chair resource

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