Patent Drafting Process

Do not apply for a patent on your invention until you have carefully weighed your motivations for doing so. Whereas most patent attorneys will tell you why you should get a patent, this patent attorney will tell you what to do from the start.

Once you application is submitted the patent examiner will begin an investigation on you application. Patent examiners check and double cheek for existing patents among other things. This is where the process will slow to a crawl. Do not despair it is the process snot necessarily you have done.

India’s participation in the outsourcing market has been exceptional in the last decade. Both, overseas customers and Indian entrepreneurs constantly search for newer areas to render professional and commercial support at reasonable costs with quick turnaround. The Indian involvement in the patent-related market is still in a nascent stage.

Invention development companies are private and public research companies that purport to help inventors develop, patent, and promote their ideas so they can be commercially licensed or sold. While many of these organizations are legitimate, some are not.

To get rid any unexpected situations, you should expand and test the limits of your invention. Do not see the whole picture of your invention, but you must see the specifics things. The specific things mean the details of your invention. You must sufficiently test the invention to support broad coverage in a patent.

In order for the patent prosecution process to begin a non-provisional patent application must be filed. Once the application is filed it is preliminarily reviewed by the Patent Office to determine whether all of the required parts of the application are present.

You can patent the look, form, and structure of a functional item. A few things you could patent include designs for jewelry, clothing, furniture, a beverage container, even a computer icon. Thought of a new design for a watch faceplate?

A creative outfit? A modern-looking chair? With design patent rights, nobody can use or import your design for 14 years unless you sell or license those rights.

Once you are sure your idea is not yet already covered, you must decide what category your patent should be filed under. The most common is the utility patent. This covers inventions, processes, new discoveries, composition of matter, and modifications to existing items. There is also the design patent that covers a new, original article for manufacturing.

To be patentable, an invention should fall within the scope of patentable subject matter as defined by the patent statute. The invention must relate to a machine, article or substance produced by manufacture, or the process of manufacture of an article. A patent may also be obtained for an improvement of an article or of a process of manufacture.

In determining whether a client’s invention meets the legal requirements for patentability, a patent specialist thinks about how to legally distinguish the invention from those that have come before. Specifically, the patent specialist must demonstrate to the USPTO-as represented In the person of a patent examiner-how the invention is new and not obvious in view of what others have done previously.

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Office Chairs – Judging and Sentencing the Old Chairs

We can see big and tall chairs in every office, which when looked at a glance look bold and beautiful. These are well designed for rough usage during daily activities at office, where quality and comfort is given importance. Moreover, you might be sitting on a chair while reading and people on an average day, work on their desks for around 8 hours restlessly. Hence, working for long time at office needs perfect sitting position or else that could lead to several problems in spine. This is exactly why companies specially design an ergonomic office chair, which is a perfect and comfortable thing and does an excellent job.

Splendid human engineering is applied in designing these ergonomic Office Chairs. These chairs reduce fatigue at work places and develop a real pampering effect for the person sitting on it. An office chair will have many features like adjusting the height of a seat, having enough width to sit comfortably and the backrest to lean up on comfortably. Enough padding with good seat cover, which can breathe easily to provide comfort while sitting and the one, which gives long life for everyday use, is typically preferred.

Leather office chairs – pamper your office life

With all the available chairs we have in market, office chairs are dominant, as these places need exceptional chairs to make their work comfortable. The leather recliners are highly impressive and their design helps individuals to adjust it accordingly to their convenience. Users of these chairs really appreciate the ease it provides while they are engaged in doing work for long hours. These unflinching desk chairs come in wide range of models and colors, which provide option to choose from the vast collection available. These upholster office chairs are even used at various show rooms in the market, which make the mart look elegant.

Various office chairs can be ordered online now on various websites at very low prices. A good chair will help to keep away from back pains, for all those who work on computers and laptops and hence these factors become an important decision while choosing an office chair. An expert’s review has revealed that, people who are suffering with their office chairs can directly reflect their productivity at work. Choose today, perfect chairs with good padding, nice arms rests, light weighted and durable chairs for usage in the office to make it place of ease and fun.

The author of this article has expertise in Office Chairs. The articles on drafting stools, heavy duty chairs reveals the author’s knowledge on the same. The author has written many articles on big and tall chairs as well.

Man Cave Update 4: Boss Drafting Stool (B1617-BK)

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Floor Plan Drafting

Floor Plans are diagrams that give an individual a bird’s eye view of a structure, so the individual can see the full layout of different rooms and areas of a given structure. Floor plans are instrumental in allowing individuals to see what a finished product will look like at the completion of construction. In addition, these plans allow construction personnel to examine the specifications of the building or structure that they will be constructing, and by frequently reviewing the floor plan, they can make any needed adjustments in their construction strategy before costly mistakes are made.

Floor plan drafting requires a high level of skill and sophisticated mathematical knowledge, in order to accurately develop a diagram that will give an observer a view from above the structure. Much training is required before an individual can conduct this task, which ensures that the diagram that is developed is accurate, and to scale. Drafting services employ highly skilled individuals to draft floor plans for their clients, and these plans include many different aspects of the structure that is represented in the diagram. A high quality floor plan will give an accurate depiction of interior walls and hallways, and their adjacent connections. Restrooms will be drawn to scale, and will be accurately located within the diagram, so that an individual reviewing the diagram will know exactly where the restrooms will be located upon the completion of construction. Also included in a floor plan will be the location of the window and doors within the structure. The location of appliances is another very important feature that will be included in a floor plan, and give the precise location of these important machines. Since appliances are so important in many homes and other structures, they are usually located in areas that are most convenient and accessible to users. The location of special interior features is also a very important part of a floor plan, and these features are usually located where they will get the most use and provide the most enjoyment for users.

In essence, floor plan drafting is a skill that is in very high demand. Any individual that is seeking to build a quality structure should obtain the services of highly skilled floor plan drafters. These individuals will help to ensure that an accurate diagram of the structure desired will be developed.

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Wooden Step Stools

Children step stools give your kids feeling of independence. Little children are full of activity and excitement. It was wonderful to watch them begin to discover all of the things around them. Sometimes they get into things they shouldn’t, but that is just part of the child’s discovery process and helps them learn about the things around them.  The child will learn balance and control by using the stool and will also quickly realize that there are different heights for items of interest.  Parents will be amazed at how quickly their child will begin to use the stool for reaching, sitting, and for general play.


Wooden step stools gives the children the freedom to do what they couldn’t do before whether it is reaching for something from a shelf or simply getting into bed. They sit on it; they stand on it, and do a lot of other things you’ll be surprised to see. A wooden step stool is made of wood. Its sturdy construction can support any kid’s weight at a certain age. This may not be as durable as a step stool made of metal, but it is very much safer to use. It doesn’t have any sharp edges, and is much lighter compared to that of a metal. Having selected a wooden step stool that is of good quality and with proper care, it might last for years.


Childrens wooden step stools come in many shapes and sizes.  The days of the small four-sided stools that all look the same are over.  Kids Wooden Step Stools not only makes reaching easier, but also has its own sound effects built in.  When the child either stands or sits on the stool, the little toad croaks.  Any child would be thrilled to own this little stool.


Brightly colored and designed, this wooden stool will be favorite for many years to come.  The childrens wooden step stool has become a new type of toy that is more than just a usable tool.


This stool and many others will provide your child with a useful toy but can also give reinforcement of important things you want to teach your children as they grow.

Personalized Wooden Step Stools – Wooden Toddler Toys is dedicated family friendly operation that has been in the business of selling educational toys and children’s furniture with over 2 generations of experience. We strive to find only the best quality toys to enrich your child’s learning experience through play. We take pride on providing unique toys & furniture that meet your standards, as well as ours.

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Retro Counter Stools Bar Stools

Kitchen counters which have the area available to construct an eat in kitchen neighborhood are becoming extremely popular in new construction along with kitchen remodels. It really is necessary to find the style of seating that suits the opposite design factors in the space. You’ll find stores, both on the internet plus your community, which may have plenty to offer consumers who are trying to find a bar stool.

Cheapest Retro Stools on the Net
Retro Stools Dimension Information
Retro Stools are available in a few discrete heights. You can expect to want to come to a choice wherever the stool tend to be used in order to properly decide the height of the stool. It’s most suitable to allow 10-13 inches between the stool seat and the counter or {table

There are a mess of bar stool types available. Seats can easily swivel or linger stationary. The frames may be constructed of metal or wood. There are seats that contain a much more retro style, and others that are classed as more modern in design. Certain stools have upholstered seats, although some are left plain. With such a lot choices, it can be even more difficult to decide precisely what it is you want.

Colors and Variations of Retro Stools
Choose what type look and elegance you try to accomplish within the space wherever you will probably be positioning the stool. Do you favor a stereotypical timber stool look or a distinctive enlightened look? Think of the sort of seat you want? Do you like a spin seat or stationery? Will family be sitting on the stools? If so, you may need to decide on a spread that may be effortlessly cleaned. Finally, you will want to work out if you need a Retro Stools using a rear or a padded seat. Deciding upon all of those items will help you become aware of the exact Retro Stools on your residence or company.

Fortunately, various shops have the option available of customizing the counter peak stool to build a look that suits your decor perfectly. You may coordinate varied buildings with alternative finishes and fabric and locate some thing that is strictly appropriate for your home. Quite a few venues even offer the possibility of possessing the brand of your favorite team printed on the seat.

If, like many people, your kitchen is eclectic with no exceptional theme, there is still a bar stool that will look great. You can easily truly let your creativeness show with hand painted stools that depict loads items from flowers, to fruit to ocean scenes.

Now, go forward and stain the entire breakfast bar. You can easily use any colour of stain you want. You can likewise soreness the retro breakfast bar. Be bound to put a coat or two of polyurethane on top of you paint.

One word of caution when selecting a bar stool – you has to be sure to get the right peak on your counter or table. Usually bar stool seats variety from 17″ to 31″ in so you can find a great opportunity you will be able to purchase the stool you love in the measurement you need. To work out which sort that measurement is, it’s best measure the space from the underside of the desk or counter to the floor. An the best choice in shape would be to go away between Ten and thirteen inches of area from the bottom of the desk to the top of the seat of the stool, so in case your desk was 35″ from the floor, you’d probably wish to get a 24″ bar stool. This is rather significant as consuming a stool that doesn’t properly fit your desk or counter will end up with uncomfortable seating.
Lots more revealed about retro counter stools here.

Jona Hancock is an specialist on Retro Counter Stools who also discloses information shop smart furniture,contemporary furniture,home accents catalogs and other associated topics at

Drafting Chair Backpiece Essentials

As far as drafting chairs are concerned there are hundreds of features that one can choose from and of course these hundreds of features are enough to confuse both the technically suave and experienced designers alike. Though, the good thing is as soon as you have a better idea of all the important features you’re going to have a much easier time figuring out what drafting chair to buy.

If you ask any drafting chair expert or regular user alike what the most integral part of a drafting chair is you’ll quite commonly hear the same answer – the backpiece.

Your drafting chair’s backpiece is truly the most comfort based element of your drafting chair. You’d probably not believe it but it’s also one of the most safety based factors as well. Safety based? Well your drafting chair’s backpiece is the sole support provider to your back, which keeps your back ache free.

You might think there’s not much complication to something as seemingly simple as a backpiece, although the backpiece is truly the most technical of elements of your drafting chair. The backpiece of a good drafting chair is composed of several various elements that make it truly what it is. Let’s take a look at some of the factors of great backpieces.

Padding is a comfort and contour based factor. The padding of your drafting chair should indeed be good all round. The balance of the padding should be in all the right areas and likewise it should be in the right proportions. Poor padding and wrongly placed padding can be the source of several aches and pains later on. Make sure the padding on your drafting chair is extremely well formed and not too soft either. Do a touch test and observe if your finger can push the padding back with a little nudge, which is just about optimal.

The structure and design of your backpiece is the key to the ergonomics of your backpiece. If the ergonomics of your backpiece are great you’ll be able to sink into your backpiece and feel relieved instantaneously. The design of your backpiece should be slightly curved, outwards towards the bottom and inwards throughout the top this will allow your spine to fit in comfortably.

The recline of your backpiece is a blessing. Not every backpiece comes with reclining built in. Reclining will allow you to go back and take a minute to rest while creating a virtual hammock in your mind.

You’re backpiece’s flexibility is a feature that can be rather complex. Some backpieces are movable and adjustable at many levels and other at just a few. What’s important is that you look for the basic flexibility to work with you while you’re busy designing.

There are quite a few factors that make up a great backpiece as the ones listed above. Taking all of them into consideration and buying your next drafting chair would be a great idea!

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Drafting Light Table

A drafting light table is a useful tool designed to aid artists in the delicate process of creation.  Typically, light tables consist of a piece of durable frosted glass, thick plexiglass, or translucent plastic that is lit from beneath by a bright light.  This particular tool is often used by visual artists to assist in viewing and reviewing film negatives.  A drafting light table is also invaluable in tracing designs and images. 

There are a variety of drafting light tables on the market.  The most basic kind, also called a light box, is a small lighted box which can be easily held on the lap or set on any flat surface, can be purchased at almost any arts and crafts store.  Larger, stand-alone light tables can be purchased through online dealers and at select art supply shops.  The angle of the tops of these larger light tables are often adjustable, as with a studio drafting table.  Higher quality light tables feature drawers, cubbies, and niches for storing art supplies and tools.  Big drafting light tables are generally significantly more expensive than their smaller, more portable cousins.

For those with skill in carpentry, metalworking and electrical installation, it is possible to build a custom drafting light table oneself.  A large, sturdy table can be constructed with a solid wooden frame.  For a more portable, yet durable drafting light table, lightweight aluminum can be used.  A common method of doing this cheaply and easily is to use a metal picture frame for the top of the box.  Simply replace the glass with semi-transparent plexiglass or frosted glass and attach the picture frame to the top of the box with hinges and a clasp (this will allow easy access when you need to change out light bulbs).  Install banks of low-energy lights (those used in nightlights work especially well), spaced so that light will diffuse evenly through the transparent top.  Finally, mount the light box on legs (prefabricated wooden legs are available at many craft and hardware stores, or one can make legs from strong metal tubing).

The location of a drafting light table’s interior light is crucially important.  For light tables to be effective, the light must be evenly dispersed across the entire surface of the box.  It is also important that the light not be too close to the translucent surface, otherwise the table will become too hot to use and may even damage film or art supplies.  The best way to accomplish even lighting without generating a lot of heat, is to use diffusers and many individual lower-wattage lights; this is what most quality commercially manufactured drafting light tables utilize.  The reason that most light tables have semi-transparent tops is because this allows the light to come through crisply without being glaringly bright.

Many artists find it convenient to be able to alter the light from their light tables.  An effective means of doing this is to simply purchase colored transparencies, which are available at most copy shops and office supply stores.  This can be laid over the top of the drafting light table and will serve as an inexpensive filter.

Light tables are useful in a wide variety of artistic areas.  No serious artist should ever be without a drafting light table.  Whether a small portable light box or a full-sized drafting light table, light tables are indispensible to visual artists.

ART ALL THINGS is a company dedicated to the best drafting light table for your creative workspace – for all ages and skill levels, for all forms of creative output.

What to Look For When Buying Drafting Chairs

For any profession that involves work surfaces above the usual desk height, a higher elevated chair is needed. This can be excellently provided if you use a drafting chair. Generally these chairs are specially designed to be ergonomic and are made for professionals who have to sit at a desk all day and work on drawing, building, and graphic designing at raised work areas like counters, drafting tables, etc. Drafting chairs are available in a variety of sizes and styles, for numerous purposes. Not only are these chairs used in highly elevated workplaces, but also for simple computer jobs and other professions which need a comfortable posture. It’s because of their adjustable height and other options that they offer the comfort people need.

Many people know drafting chairs and stools are the perfect solution for workplaces but are not confident about the idea of choosing the right one for their needs. A glance at the product catalog, offered by online shops, will give you information about the varieties available but not the exact information on how to choose the best one. Here are some useful facts about what to look for when shopping for drafting chairs.

Irrespective of whatever kind of profession you have, a drafting chair should offer you the best support. Accessories that are not designed properly to support your back, neck and arms will lead to serious health issues thus affecting productivity. It’s highly necessary that the type of drafting chair offers you the comfort and imposes minimized stress on body parts. Only then does it become possible for you to sit and work for a long time.

Another important thing is that drafting stools and chairs should be easily adjustable as per your needs. The body type of different people varies so it’s necessary that such ergonomic chairs should offer the exact comfort to everyone with its adjustable options. Other than seat height, the foot ring should also be adjustable so that the person sitting gets the utmost flexibility.

Durability becomes the next important factor when considering the purchase of drafting chairs and related accessories. Check for factors like sturdy construction, tilt functions, quality of materials used and the overall comfort offered by the chair. Also, the options on drafting chairs should be easily adjusted without any trouble.

Considering the above mentioned factors helps you purchase one among the best drafting chairs from the various specific styles available. A well designed drafting chair with any specific style matching your comfort is slightly expensive. Remember, when you go for cheap ones, you’re compromising on quality. A number of online shops offer a large selection of drafting chairs and accessories at reasonable prices for consumers.

Drafting chairs are the best alternative for people who’re looking for a comfortable sitting posture during work times. The author has written many articles on different topics and the above one lists the things to expect from good quality drafting chairs.

Drafting Chair Guide

Selecting a drafting chair for your designing requirements may primarily seem like a very easy task, though if you ask any designer that’s gone through the experience of buying a drafting chair he’ll always tell you otherwise.

From one point of view a drafting chair is the simplest and most basic utility that you’ll ever have to buy and from the other it can be as technical as you choose. There are virtually an unlimited number of designs of which some are very straightforward and others are truly a technical tango. The inclusion of drafting stools make the confusion spread even wider.

Bringing the large number of online retailers into the market makes the drafting chair search seem a lot more distant as well.

Thankfully, there is a method to find the best drafting chair for your needs. All that’s required is a mental checklist. How do you work out a mental checklist? Let’s make that a little simpler…

A drafting chair is without a doubt a better purchase than a drafting stool. Stools do not provide anywhere near the comfort and ergonomic benefits that chairs provide. Your back is left unsupported and will be more prone to sprains and injuries with the use of a drafting stool, Therefore, stools are highly disapproved. Do not fall victim to price differences, just realize that as far as one’s health is concerned a stool is hazardous.

Drafting chairs are available in mainly 3 forms: advanced, intermediate and of course basic. A basic chair doesn’t provide a whole lot more than: a backpiece, footrests and armrests. Whereas an intermediate chair might provide features like swivel mechansisms and some more comfort.

The advanced chair which is usually the best drafting chair (and expectedly higher priced) will go all out. You’ll see features similar to: outstanding padding all over; completely ergonomic design; buttery swivel mechanisms and not to forget backpieces that recline.

When you’re ready to purchase a drafting chair the most important advice would be to go for the best in your budget. Say you end up buying a basic chair, you may end up with a few sprains when you’re working long hours. If you buy an intermidate chair it might work out for the short run but you’ll always feel like there could be a bit more comfort here and there. When it comes to the advanced chair not only will the technicals be sound but your comfort will be unparalleld and you’ll spend less time worrying in the future. So, always look for the best chair you can afford and just to help you out along the way search for drafting chair reviews online!

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Features of Drafting Chairs

Drafting chairs for a designer are a great blessing. They are one of the few tools a designer can buy that provide both utility and comfort elements in one. Additionally, drafting chairs are an ergonomic gift, they prevent several sprains that other chairs are known for causing. Drafting stools are often compared to drafting chairs, this is a very incorrect comparison to say the least. Drafting stools can never match the utility and especially the comfort that chairs provide, which any experienced designer will advocate.

Buying a drafting chair can lead to a little dilemma if you don’t know all the features that drafting chairs may provide. Therefore, in this article we’re going to discuss the various features of drafting chairs and help you get a better idea of what to look for in the search for a perfect drafting chair.

The single and most important aspect of your drafting chair is the backpiece. It is meant to give adequate support to your back and prevent those horrifying aches that drafting stools or long hours of designing on a stool may cause. Also, the backpiece helps you gain additional comfort when you’re ready to take a break and kick back. It’s of the highest importance that you look for a backpiece that’s very ergonomic and easy on your back. Make sure the padding is good all round as well, if you’re not 100% sure about the backpiece of a particular drafting chair then it’s always best practice to avoid it.

The armrests as simple as they may sound are not to be disregarded when it comes to your drafting chair. Armrests that are too hard should definitely be avoided, they may end up bashing your elbows mercilessly. Search for armrests that are generously padded. Also, try to see if you can find an armrest that is slightly curved at the end allowing you to wrap your hand and fingers around it. Do not go for armrests that are too long, they will end up clashing with your table.

Your legs are going to be hanging all the way down if your drafting chair doesn’t have a great foot bar. Make sure your chair has a strong and well placed foot bar to prevent any dangling legs.

The swivel your chair provides is going to be very critical. Therefore swivel mechanisms are a major component of your drafting chair. While you design, you’re going to be moving around quite a bit and so you need a chair that’ll move with you without having to be readjusted several times over. Don’t go for chairs that swivel way too much, all you’re going to need is something that can move around slightly and efficiently

A retractable backpiece is a designer’s most wanted element. It is the mechanism that allows you to lean your backpiece backwards and give your back a little well deserved rest. They’re not a complete necessity but they’re really a nice touch to a good drafting chair.

Now that you know all the important features, shop away!

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